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Independent Projects:

As the Producer of Wings Night I oversaw the project from pre-production through post production. It was written by Mike Prado and Chris Re. Prado also directed it and Re was the Director of Photography. 
The editor was Jeff Abrahams.

The Usher was the capstone to my studies at Quinnipiac. I co-wrote the screenplay with Matt Pereira and Rob Gagne. When it came time to begin production of this short film I assumed the role was Director of Photography, Rob took the role of Director and Matt was Unit Production Manager. All three of us also doubled as Producers and Editors.
The lead roles are played by
Dylan Cohan, Emily Seibert and William Guth.

The goal in producing The Bloody Truth was to make a short film without dialogue. I was the writer, director, producer, lead actor, and editor. Steve Sawyer was the cameraman and an actor. Freddy Penn was the other actor.